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You Can Still Go Outside!

I love being in my backyard. When I see my critter friends, I have to take their pictures. When the trees frame this the scene with the sky and lawn, I just feel such peace. During these uncertain times of self-isolation, it's easy to get stuck in the house with our computers and phones, but life is more than that. We have to remember to continue to live, appreciate, touch nature, and let nature touch us. Whether we live in the more temperate climates like I do, or if we are up north as some of my friends, we need to find a way to get some fresh air.

Even if we self-isolate, we will be healthier when we go outside, even if it means staying in the yard. We can still take a walk in nature or get fresh air on the porch. The weather is beautiful. Also consider keeping windows open for some fresh air. Germs will multiply quickly with many staying indoors, creating their own home Petri dishes filled with stale air. It's a good time for some Spring Cleaning, gardening, nature walks, bird watching, nature photography, etc. All of that can be done while social distancing. Remember this virus does not do well in heat.

For children on an extended stay at home, it is essential to keep their minds and bodies healthy as we encourage their continued learning. All of my Backyard Tales books can help with this because each story has a way to take the story outside and open discussions with parents.

Remember to open the windows; let some of that stale air out. Right now, I'm going to the porch to do some reading and writing.


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