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We are proud to announce that we provide platforms for others to promote their books, blogs, and bagpipes!

Lately, I've found myself helping people write, edit, format, and publish their books. Some need a platform for their book launches, and others would like to try blogging. We will be hosting guest bloggers, and even better, we're opening new pages for those whose books are launching.

Our first author has signed on with Living with Gussto, and we're so excited to welcome Peter Nason to our team. For those who don't know Pete, he is a renown local reviewer for Broadway World, a drama teacher who has established successful programs and a love for the theatre arts wherever he goes (and was voted teacher of the year this year). Peter has just finished his book 1100 Miles Off Broadway and it's in the final stages of production.

Yes, it takes a village to write a book, and although my website is one place that can provide a platform, I also recommend finding a writing group. I could not have come this far without my group, Land O' Lakes Writers. They have helped so many achieve their dreams of seeing their work in print. It's not always about the sales, (yes, those help), but it's about achieving the dream of self-expression through the written word.

Do you have a dream of publishing or blogging? If so, we at Living with Gussto and Land O' Lakes Writers can help. Once you're ready to go, we'll even add your work to our pages, provide a page for you, and work with you through the process at a very reasonable rate. If you want one-on-one editing, formatting, and publishing help, please contact Nancy through this site. Once you're signed on with Living with Gussto (there are varying costs and fees, as with all businesses - formatting, guidance, editing, and preparing for publication takes a lot of work and time) then you'll be provided a page and opportunity for a blog post to begin building your own personal platform.

Books, Blogs, and Bagpipes

Living with Gussto is all about helping people create positive energy together to make a better world. Our blogs and messages are inspirational, fun, and sometimes a little quirky, but that is what makes us different. If you feel your writing touches the heart, has positive messages and insights, is helpful to others, or filled with fun through uplifting music, then you can begin your journey with us here.

If interested in joining our writers or have questions, contact us at


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