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514 S. 6th Street, #7: The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

The old house is long gone, and now almost everything and everyone who entered, visited, and lived there are gone, too. There are only two people alive today that have vivid memories of the four generations that inhabited 514, and two more that have some memories. What has survived are the letters, writings, diaries, and personal notes, which are being compiled by my brother. Perhaps I will share these down the line, but those dramas are not for this little series, which is ending before I intended it to end. You see, I had more to write about, but those subjects are no longer in our family's possession. Here's what happened to end the memories of the heirlooms from 514 S. 6th Street, Griffin, GA, my mother's, grandmother's, great grandmother's, and great-great grandfather's home.

"What do you mean there's nothing left?"


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