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Selvyn Rings the Bell

Introducing Selvyn Squirrel


In Selvyn Rings the Bell, Selvyn is an active, free spirited squirrel who has his eyes on the feast in the backyard feeder. No matter how hard the tries, he can't seem to get past the giant bell that rings with every attempt, announcing another failure. It doesn't help that Tommy Titmouse makes sure everyone knows about it.


What is a squirrel to do? 

How can Selvyn "save face" and get his fair share of the feast?

Get to know Selvyn, Skia, Selvyn's mom, and the famous announcer Tommy Titmouse. Each one plays a special role in helping Selvyn in Selvyn Rings the Bell.

All Backyard Tales stories have happy endings, and all characters are good. In this story, Selvyn learns some valuable lessons.  


As you scroll through the pictures and videos below, meet Selvyn and enjoy hints of his struggles in Selvyn Rings the Bell.

3-D cover shot selvyn.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 4.24.12 PM.png
selvyn going into bell.JPG

What happened?


Because the squirrels kept eating all the seed in the feeder, we purchased a baffle, which is a long bell designed to keep the squirrels off the feeder.

The squirrels were not happy about this at all.

One persistent little squirrel tried over and over to get into that feeder. He tried so many times that I had ample time to grab my phone camera and record some of his attempts.

I have uploaded pictures of Selvyn, his attempts, and a time when he actually succeeded (after the cassia bush grew so tall that he could actually make the leap).

Selvyn and Skia.JPG

When watching the video, make sure your sound is on. It also helps to watch it in slow motion.

He is persistent! He tries to manipulate the bell.

and on another try....

and another...

Long after the story takes place, we let the cassia grow super tall...

and one day...

The near miss was enough to encourage him.

His persistence paid off! He's so little that he's hard to see in this one, so you may need to watch it in slow motion.  

Selvyn is quite fast, and you can see the bush go up and down as he prepares to leap.

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