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Living with Gussto's author Nancy Nason Guss writes a little something for everyone who enjoys connecting to creation, music, and others.

Shorts and Tales

Backyard Tales are stories inspired by the critters and life that can be found by going outside, relaxing, and just being a part of this beautiful world for a few minutes each morning. Shorts are vignettes of processing the chaos in our world. All Shorts and Tales are designed to help people listen to each other and share life's experiences to build understanding and peace. 

Isolation Shorts Cover.heic


Each short explores finding truth and building understanding in a world filled with falsehoods and divisions. Some are about personal incidents and reflections; others are processing current events.

Backyard Tales

Meet Selvyn the Squirrel, Curt the Crow, Ivan Ibis, Suzy Mallard, Tommy Titmouse, and their beloved teacher, Mr. Jay. The critters, even with all their differences, enjoy sharing time at the many feeders in their neighborhoods. In addition to the cute stories inspired by actual antics of our backyard critters, every tale includes academic, life, and universal spiritual ideas to share and discuss. These are great little springboards for important conversations between children and their parents and grandparents.

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