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Learn to Play the Great Highland Bagpipes!

Join a Group or Get Individual Online Lessons!

There are many ways to learn. One of the best ways to learn is through an extremely affordable well-structured curriculum along with live and recorded classes that will take you from the first day with a practice chanter all the way to playing competently on the pipes. The instructors are superb and extremely patient and helpful. Dojo U is the perfect place to get piping support.

Lessons are

in small groups and online with Piper's Dojo University!


Bagpipe Beat

Bagpipe Information, Links, and Adventures


Learn More!

Nancy shares stories, history, Bagpipe information, all about highland wear, opportunities, and fun facts.


Hire a Piper!

Need a piper for a special event?

Piper Guss and her friends from the City of Dunedin Pipe Band (including drummers if you want a small band) are available for your special events. 


Prices depend on the number of pipers and whether you want the City of Dunedin Band or a Solo piper. 

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