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514 S. 6th Street: Voices Silenced by Death, yet Still Being Heard

How do we become who we are?

What molds our bodies, minds, and spirits?

I would venture to say that each of us is composed of cells from multiple generations all bound into one being.

I would add that it would seem that the closer the generation, the greater the impact, yet sometimes I'm not so sure. Sometimes I wonder if what happened three or four or even six or ten generations ago didn't cause whatever cell memory or generational system to create the one we have become.

In Living with Gussto, I share the amazing journeys in my ordinary life, and sometimes I reflect on the amazing people, places, and events that brought me to where I am today, truly living with "gusto." At times, I get nostalgic, missing the loved ones and the special times I had in places I felt were home. I realize the many people, their relationships, their lives influenced my mother and me. This is the story of my mother's family and home. It was simple and complex, old and young, gone but not forgotten. Oh yes, there's some drama, sadness, and conflict, but there is also love. That is what I remember most, love.

In this new series, I share tidbits of truths, tribulations, trials, and triumphs of the generations that came together and made me who I am. It takes generations to make each of us and mold us into the beings we all become. I invite you on my journey into the past and share how the past lives on in the present. It may be dead and behind us, but it also lives on.

The introduction has now been published on this link: CLICK HERE to hear the voices shouting from 514.

I hope you enjoy these little reflections. Let me know if you have trouble with any of the links.



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