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Notice, Note it, Narrate

I strive to establish peace by writing about connecting to creation and each other. Sometimes this seems an impossible feat, especially in current climates; however, I have hope. This can be done. Even though there are so many varied interests, politics, religions, and people, we sometimes forget that all of us share this planet and its amazing support of our lives. Most of us know all this; some take it for granted, yet I find that when I’m reminded of miracles showing themselves in hummingbirds or other tiny creatures, I recognize that we can bring people together by celebrating the common ground without trying to convert another to our way of thinking.

All of my stories are about the universal experiences that can be enjoyed by all ages, with the focus on helping our children appreciate the tiny miracles that inhabit every minute of every day. One of the best ways to do this is to share varied artists and authors that all find ways to create peace in their lives. We learn from each other, and sometimes, we may find a place or practice we never considered.

In my first book, I shared my secret, which is beginning each day with cleansing lemon water, devotional readings, meditation, and exercise. Many people thanked me for the reminders of beginning each day on a positive note, but there are so many ways to do that. As you know, I have been inviting guest authors, artists, and nature lovers to write about ways they have fed their creativity by connecting to creation. Jennifer Bickerton shared about renewing her spirit at the beach, where her body soaks in the nutritional elements. Ira Pincus shared how he connects to creation to enhance his creativity as an author, and my next guest, David Berger, author of fantasy and adventure books, shares his spiritual place and its literary connections.

Do you have a spiritual practice or a way to connect to creation, begin your days, or find peace? If so, that is great! Have you recorded the super cool things you notice and that bring you joy? Are you sharing these to provide ideas for another to find that same peace?

Do you interact with children on a regular basis? Then it is imperative and urgent that we help our children connect to the natural world, appreciate its beauties, nurture and protect it. Help them to record images in their days and share with others, especially their families.

So, my friends, my call for you is to notice, note it, and narrate. That’s right, find something new or different about our perfect planet every day. It can be a flower, plant, bird, blossom, or something new you noticed, like a spider web on your path. Physically note it in a picture, poem, or simple sentence. It can be something simple like a sky picture, video of birds flying, haiku on scrap paper, or anything else that lends itself to the moment. Then close your eyes, visualize how amazing and magnificence of this moment. Then share it with someone in a brief narrative, along with your amazement and gratitude for the moment. Ask that person what he/she has seen today.

I have a friend across the state who shares her beautiful bird and plant pictures with me every morning, and I share mine with her. She is super knowledgable about nature and also shares articles that celebrate how amazing this planet really is. My friends, this is what kindles positive energy and helps everyone begin these busy days with a few moments of miracles. I enjoy posting them on social media, too. Let's amp up positive appreciation of this amazing world and lifetime we all share.

I invite you to contribute your ideas and experiences below, and I look forward to bringing David Berger’s blog to you soon! Have a wonderful week!

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