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Isolation to Emerging

2020 inspired Isolation Shorts, the book I wrote as my way of processing that crazy year with all its chaos. As we begin to crawl out of our rocks and cautiously emerge in 2021, the hits kept coming. Sometimes, it's tough. In Emerging Shorts, the sequel, I process both the personal trials, as well as the ongoing barrage of tribulations.

A little over a year ago, I was on a writing retreat and walked this labyrinth many times. This little exercise in focus, prayer, and meditation, led to a cleansing of the mind and preparation for a surge in creativity. On days when I need to walk, I have created my own labyrinth in my house that allows me to do the same. This came in handy during times of social distancing and self-isolation. While at our little apartment in Dunedin, I created a labyrinth type walk down by the water.

One of the joys of retreating is walking with God, spending time in creation, or meditating. While in isolation, this was a handy tool to regroup and renew. Now that things are opening up again, I realized that this is one practice I will keep.

My book, Emerging Shorts is about things that were, things that are, and processing what may be when all is said and done. What will permanently change, and what will return to the way it was? Only time will tell.

News: Isolation Shorts is now a book club selection with its own book study box, leadership guide, worksheets, and journal. These will be going on sale July 1. If you would like to pre-order a box and books for your book clubs, send me an email at or click the link on the Isolation Shorts page. By pre-ordering, you will receive a signed copy of the book and pay only $30.00, saving $5.00 on the cost. For more information, click here: Yes, I'd like to order a book club box with a signed copy of Isolation Shorts.

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