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What a wonderful little town that offers a little bit of everything! Bernie and gravitate here regularly and love staying at the Waynesville Inn - second floor, mountain view, corner room. We try for the same one every time with the balcony, vista mountain views, and song bird symphonies. It is a peaceful place where we can retreat or be as active or relaxed as we want.

Downtown Waynesville is filled with unique shops and restaurants, and the people are so kind and cheerful. They have an arts culture, along with a lot to do outside. Today, Bernie and I took a short trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed the views and a mini-hike. We are playing golf tomorrow on one of the most beautiful mountain courses I have ever played. We enjoy venturing to Asheville and Smoky Mountain National Park, all within a short drive. But most of all, we spend our mornings and evenings on the balcony admiring the amazing scenery and positive energy. We play games, meet the neighbors, meditate, reflect, and I write.

When we arrived, we visited Blue Ridge Books, the bookstore where my signing is this Saturday, and met the book owners, Allison and Jo. This little bookstore is totally independent and filled with a variety of special find books. They set a display up with mine that greets people as soon as they enter. I have felt so warmly welcomed (and do every time I visit) that I just had to write about it. It is so refreshing to meet people who love books and encourage writers and authors by supporting them with events, news features (see the Mountaineer), and kind words.

Bernie and I have considered purchasing a cabin up here because we love it so much. The last time we were here, we met a very nice realtor, Lyn Donley, who has been sending us potential vacation homes for the past year or so. We met up again yesterday, and she had already purchased a copy of my book and has been so encouraging, as well. Both she and the book store owner sent me a link to the article in the paper about my visit and signing. She also arranged for one of her partners to show us places today since she had other scheduled appointments. Thank you Lyn and Marlyn for your time and assistance.

Thank you to all the wonderful folks at the Waynesville Inn, BlueRidge Books and Lyn (and Marlyn), along with the great people we have met wherever we went. Places and travels like this remind us that we are all an amazing part of creation, and there are so many fabulous people in the world making a difference for others.

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