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It's a Small World!

I had a wonderful week exploring my family's history and learning that one of my childhood friends shared some of this, and we didn't even know it until now, over 50 years later. How fun is that! We never know what fun connections life will bring us.

I spent my elementary school years in Indialantic, FL, a tiny beach town on the barrier island just south of Cocoa Beach. I had a dear friend in 5th grade, and we were safety patrols together. We reconnected some in high school and perhaps a bit in college, but those were just passing snippets. We found each other again at one of our high school reunions, and have been in contact via Facebook since.

She posted her mother's engagement announcement, and I saw it said her mom was from Griffin, GA. My mom grew up in Griffin, GA, too. It is a small town where everyone knew each other. So I shared that information with her. Her mom is still alive and remembered my mom. It turns out that her mom also was my brother and sister's 1st grade teacher in Indialantic. Mom and my friend's mom reconnected, but I did not know this.

To make a long story short, our moms lived right around the corner from each other. My friend and I spent many a summer in Griffin less than a block away from each other, and are just now discovering this. Life is amazing!

Two small towns. Two friends. Two moms. All connected and yet discovering there is still more after more than 50 years. Life is incredibly interesting, isn't it?

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