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Full Circle in Two Hours

Thank you to my friends and family who helped me celebrate the publication of my book. I have been so blessed by such a full life filled with kind and amazing people. Thank you to my wonderful Bernie, who ran the sales beautifully. I appreciate and love that my sister, Susan, James, and Dad were all there, too! Then my dear friends from PVMS, RRMHS, and District Administrators joined in the fun. Folks who worked with Bernie and have been friends with us for many years stopped by, along with a former student from my PVMS years. My golfing community friends visited, too. Finally, as if it couldn't get better, it did. My dear friend, Kim, who was the first person I met at USF orientation (we were roomies then and our sophomore year, and she was one of my bridesmaids), came with her mom. The first person her mom met at the USF orientation was my mom. It seemed that my life came full circle in two hours. What fun! Life is an amazing adventure, and all of us are truly connected in time and space. Thank you all for an amazing day!!!

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