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As I find great resources to help people connect to our creation, I will share them.

Parents, friends, family, employers, students, and employees at some time may trigger negative feelings, actions, or words. At work, I keep my meditations in my thoughts so that I can smile and help those who are hurting. To do this, I wake up extra early so that my morning can prepare me for the day.

Every day, I try to get into a mindset that brings joy and peace to others. To this actually takes work on my part, along with constant self-reminders. With my morning connection to God in my Garden, I read my daily Bible selections and meditations (I use Forward Day By Day from as my guide).

Then, I take parts of the verses that bring me truth, I copy them and paste them in my journal, and then write about them. There are also some marvelous prayers that seem to set my mind at ease. I actually create prayer cards for my friends and me by putting them on a background and printing them in color. I then frame them and keep them at my side, and if someone seems to need one, I share them and make another for myself. I always had these in my office because I needed grounding and peace when things got tough. Here is the link below to some of my favorite prayers. Enjoy!

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