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Life is amazing and so is our dear planet. Today I was privileged to experience sunrise and peaceful moments that inspired this poem. I hope you enjoy it. (Oh, and Pete and Jane, the windchimes mentioned were yours, and they were amazingly beautiful this morning). Daybreak As the windchimes sung their sweet-toned chorus Amidst the breeze flowing briskly through the trees Flocks of ibis fed in the grasses And peace prevailed in harmonies. Dark clouds sailed across the sky as boats on water Dawn is announced by songbird greetings across the way Ever-changing cloud images form and re-form Divine presence of creation begins the day. New chances and grace awaken with breeze and light Night, yesterday, and darkness disappeared into the past For we have another chance to make life better Nurturing this amazing world on which we are cast. Life from inside us, filling and holding us tight Life from outside us, surrounding us with energy and love A magnificent moment watching skies clear to soft blues Loving each moment of God’s light from above. All are unified with God’s art, heart, and spirit. All creation is one. Perfect parts to the body of God Life is great fun! 10/14/17

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