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Conversations with Readers

During the launch of my newest book, I have had the opportunity to visit with loads of children, parents, and grandparents. Recently, I was sharing my book at a small market of artists and craftspeople. Through these conversations, I heard stories of how each one came about buying and enjoying my books. They gave me new ideas for the next books and events, and I thought I'd share some of the insights and ideas with you all.

I enjoyed a great conversation with a person who loved my anthology, The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales. He shared pictures of his grandson, who is just under two and enjoying nature to the fullest. We both shared how a love for this beautiful earth brings us closer to God, our creator, and then we both expressed regret on how so many kids never get it. During those times together, he and his grandson have developed a strong bond of love for each other and our earth. That is one precious little boy who will group up learning to care for our planet and its creatures. He is already learning about gardening and turtles.

Another woman was very excited because her grandson adores squirrels, so she bought a copy of my newest book, Selvyn Rings the Bell. I shared with her the back section of the book with the

new information about the squirrels, birds, and trees that are in the story. She said, "He has many of those in his backyard." I added that maybe Selvyn travels a lot and then suggested that he find a squirrel that matched Selvyn's personality.

Lady Lily and Curt the Crow was my first sale of the day (as soon as I arrived as a matter of fact). A grandparent read all about it and had to purchase it for her granddaughter, whose name is Lily. As you know, Lady Lily is beautiful and wise and helps Curt get through a tough situation that really hurt his feelings. Her granddaughter is kind and helps others, too.

My Backyard Tales books are simple and straightforward without being preachy, and each one shares academic, life, and spiritual lessons. There is a pre-holiday sale going on right now when buying book bundles. Check it out here.

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