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What Now?
A Lenten Journey for 2022

As we emerge from these past few years of craziness, how can we tell up from down? Everything is so topsy turvy. 


It’s down to the ultimate and eternal conflicts in our world, our country, our church, and ourselves. 


Will we make it? How do we know? Oh, there are so many questions, messages, conflicts, and judgments bombarding us on all fronts.


We are dealing with all the classics from the beginning of time: 

Good vs. Evil. God vs. Devil. Man vs. Man. Man vs. God. Man vs. Himself. Man vs. Society.


How can we discern truth and make sure we’re on the right path as God designed it? What are we to do as Christians following Christ and living in these wacko times?


WHAT NOW? is a journey of finding God’s path for us as individuals and as a church community. These past few years have been a bumpy ride for most of us, and now we find ourselves living in times no one could have predicted. How do we respond? Which sides to we take? Do we even take sides? What will happen if we do or if we don’t? Our world, country, church, family, and selves are in crisis. Therefore, it’s time to stop, take a step back, reflect on God’s word, and live life accordingly. 


This is a journey we will need to take together so that we can process, plan, reflect, and discuss difficult topics and come to peace with where we are and where we are going.


Each week, we will focus on one guiding question.





Where is it located now?

Personal Items

To find out where good and evil are, we need look no further than The Twilight Zone.

This week, we'll be watching the original and modern remake of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" by Rod Serling. We have also included a copy of the script so that you can make notes as you watch.

For this week, you will need:

What Now? Week 5
April 3, 2022

What's MY journey now?

Trimming Leaves

For this week, you will need the following:

  • 5 Reading Documents:

    • Turning the Past into the Now

    • RAGE!

    • Contemporary Idols

    • New Ideas

    • Pruning

  • 5 Reflections, Responses, and Prayers (see each of the readings)

  • Week 5 Notesheet​

What's NEXT?

Easter Sunday! He is Risen! The Lord is risen indeed!




Building our Faith, Formation, Outreach, and Other Ministries

Proclaiming the News of Grace!

Living the Life of Grace!

Sharing the Spirit of Grace!

to love and serve the Lord THROUGH GRACE!

What does it look like Now?


For this activity, you will need:

What does it say and do now?


For this week, you will need:

  • What Now #2: These Times

  • Self-Examination from St. Augustine's Prayerbook

  • Note sheet for Week 2

  • Reflection, Response, Prayers (Found in What Now #2

What Now? Week 4
March 27, 2022

How do I/we respond now?


Creeds, Litanies, and Prayers! Oh My!

For this week, you will need:

What Now? Week 6
April 10

What is OUR Journey now?

Leaves Shadows

Turning the TALK into the WALK through the WAY

For this final week in Lent, Holy Week, we prepare by closing finding our way back to our path and our mission together. 

For this week you will need:

  • Lenten Prayer Sheet

  • Week 6 Reading: The Lone Duck

  • Week 6 Note Sheet

  • Reflections, Response, Prayer (from #6 reading)

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