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"Everyone exists for a reason. As small as it can be, I'm sure you have a meaning too." -Mirajane Strauss


Oh dear, has someone stumbled upon my forum page? In any case, you have my greetings! I am a high school girl with an appreciation for the power of words, the bonds between humans, and anime. Although anime is usually viewed as a displeasing and idiotic show towards those interests a bit different than "ordinary people", I could beg to differ. I have enjoyed anime that are both aesthetically pleasing and deserving of good praise. Placing first among them is the movie, Koe no Katachi, or A Silent Voice, that addresses the issues of bullying and the effects felt by those bullied, those who bullied, and the bystanders. Ultimately, every medium of art, be it poetry, anime, or prose contain both their strengths and weaknesses; they should not be categorized based on common stereotypes.

You have survived through my small argumentation of how there are some good anime and my defense of my hobbies. Are you ready for some forum posts?


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