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Father and Son Playing


Unlocking the Doors
to Proclaim the News! Live the Life! and Share the Spirit! at Grace Episcopal Church, Tampa Palms 

As we emerge from two years filled with change, we are growing stronger in faith, numbers, and mission. What's Next for Grace?

Lots to do, enjoy, study, and celebrate.

We've Signed Up!
What's Next?

Before the pandemic, we did things certain ways. Times, systems, and people have changed, so the church needs to change, too. We're going to look at what we used to do, toss what we don't need, add new things we need to do, and revise others that just need tweaking. Where do we begin? Well, we have a voluminous guide called a Customary. It is a large document that provided guidance, history, and answers to many questions. We realized that some of these "Ways of Grace" need to be revisited, so these next few weeks we'll be asking for your ideas and input.. 

We're going to conduct quick and simple training sessions for every area of ministry. Some of these will take longer than others, but all are important to a smooth worship service.

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