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What Now?
A Lenten Journey for 2022

What Now? Week 6
What Is Our Journey Now? Extending help to others in church and community

What Now? Week 6
April 10

What is OUR Journey now?

For it is in giving that we receive, and it is in pardoning that we are pardoned. ~St. Francis of Assisi

What Now? In the first five weeks, we did a lot of soul searching, reflection, and repenting. As we explored earlier, repentance has three parts: Contrition, Confession, and Amendment. The is our transition to that Amendment of life, both as an individual and as a member of Grace. For these lessons, we use what we've learned about St. Patrick, and we're going to listen to St. Francis. We look forward with eager anticipation to Easter, when we take What Now? and move into What Next? 

  1. Complete the readings and reflections for this week.

  2. Complete your repentance with a renewal focused on amending your life that you began before. 

  3. Watch the short videos with the quotes attributed to St. Francis. For each one:

    • Write down the quote. Pause the video if you need to.

    • Circle the ones that are meaningful for you and/or are relevant for the amendment of life you have chosen, and write these on the back of your St. Francis Prayer. Use them to meditate on them throughout your life amendment journey.

    • Write down what these mean and how you can absorb and live them.

  4. Complete the final worksheet.

  5. Put all your worksheets, notes, reflections, etc. together in a folder. You'll need these later, so place them where you can find them.

  6. Stay Tuned for What's Next?

What you need for this week:

  • Readings:

    • Brutal Blessings

    • Pruning

    • The Lone Duck

    • Prayer of St. Francis

  • Reflections (attached to each reading)

  • The two YouTube clips of St. Francis's quotes

  • Work sheet

  • past reflections, responses, etc.

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