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What Now?
A Lenten Journey for 2022

How do I/We Respond?

What Now? Week 4
March 27, 2022

How do I/we respond now?


Creeds, Litanies, and Prayers! Oh My!

For this week, you will need:

  • Week 4 article

  • If you did not see Nancy's St. Patrick's Sunday message, please watch.

  • link: Forward Movement Prayers

  • Week 4 Note Sheet

  • Reflections, Response, Prayer (found in What Now #4)

  • To attempt this week: Put it all together so far

    • Identify and discern​

    • Use self-examination to reflect on what is weighing heavily on the conscience

    • Pray one of the litanies: 

      • Lenten Prayer​

      • St. Patrick's Breastplate

      • Litanies in BCP

    • Ask God into your life to guide you  and show you ministries He has in mind for you

Do you have insights, ideas, or more links to share? Please do!
Note: Please avoid political, judgmental, or inflammatory rhetoric.

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