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Welcome Friends!

Living with Gussto is proud to announce that we have expanded to promote authors and artists who have chosen us as their platforms!
A special welcome to Peter Nason (check his bio here), whose book 1100 Miles Off Broadway was just released! Check out Nason News and Reviews to keep up with what's happening 1100 miles off broadway. 


Pete and Ike on set.jpg
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Nancy's Blog

Nancy, along with guest authors share Inspirations, observations, and fun ideas that add a little spice to life or insight into our world. 


Piping with gussto!

The Bagpipe Beat!

Enjoy the Bagpipes! Learn about their history or even how to play them. There are some interest groups organizing in the Tampa area right now!

Do you want a piper for a special event? Nancy can help.


Backyard tales

Nancy's Publications

2020. The year says it all, and in addition to Nancy's child friendly stories from backyards everywhere, she has written a a book of reflection, meditation, and purpose. Read about them here.

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