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Listen to the Spirit of the Trees

I was at the Courtyard Cafe in Ozona, FL on a crisp, cool day in Florida. Good vibes and positive messages surrounded me in this tree filled courtyard. Bernie and I sat at a little table under a beautiful shade tree. I looked around and was immediately drawn to a peaceful message painted on the building. "Listen to the Spirit of the Trees."

"Bernie, check that out. It agrees with my book." He smiled. I took a pictures of it and was reminded where I began on my author journey. One morning, I was on my back porch and the lighting of the sunrise created an aura around one of the cypress trees behind our house. The story arrived, and I just wrote it down, giving birth to my first book, "The Spirit of the Tree." I had almost forgotten that inspiration until I was reminded by the print on the building.

When I initially wrote the story, our country was entering the Age of Division, and to bring my mind to peace, I began writing stories where I created a world where I decided to live, one where all characters were good, and all endings were happy. In this first book, I tried reminding people that we are one; our world is beautiful and fun to learn about, and life is filled with sweet memories and images. This goal has not changed, but it seems more urgent now than ever.

"The Spirit of the Tree" is a story of connecting to creation and taking a moment to stop, listen to nature, and walk in gratitude for this beautiful earth. The tree in this story teaches that lesson to a young child. You see, my friends, if we want our children to be able to do that, we must do that with them. Every one of my books has a "Connecting to Creation" section filled with information about the trees and critters, activities, additional readings, resources, and ways to chart experiences. Most importantly, it provides conversation starters that open discussions and provides parents and grandparents ways to share their experiences and values with their children.

"The Spirit of the Tree" is the beginning of a spiritual journey and adventure in writing, publishing, and meeting new people. I love sharing ways that inspire appreciation of nature, connecting to each other, and living together in peace. After all, if we can learn to do this, our world will be a better place for all of us, our children, and our children's children.

Do you want to know more about my first book The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales? Click here for some more information.

Would you like a signed copy? Click here to order one (free delivery if you live in the Tampa area).


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