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Lady Lily:

Lady Lily is a great white egret. She is beautiful and wise. She is Introduced in Lady Lily and Curt the Crow.

Curt Crow:

Curt is a sensitive, smart crow with a big heart. He always tries to do the right thing. He is introduced in Lady Lily and Curt the Crow and plays a major part in the What Time Is It series, along with his wife, Claudette, and children: Avian, Connie, and Clifford.

Selvyn Squirrel:

Selvyn is persistent and athletic. He is introduced in Selvyn Rings the Bell (along with his sister Skia) and is a major character in the What Time is It series (along with his son, Squiggy).

Tommy Titmouse

Tommy is the backyard's announcer.  Although he's a tiny bird, he has a mighty and melodic voice. He is introduced in Selvyn Rings the Bell and continues his announcing in the What Time Is It series.

Suzy Mallard

Grover Greenhead

Ivan Ibis

The Whistlers: Wendy, Wally, Wanda


What Are Backyard Tales?


This photo was taken in front of the cassia bush that is featured in Selvyn Rings the Bell. It blooms in October and November. 

Backyard Tales are stories that happen in backyards everywhere. They're designed to read with the children in your life. Every story has conversation starters in the Connecting to Creation sections and encourages the children to connect the characters in the stories to the same ones they see in their own yards, at parks, or even out the car window as they travel. 

Each backyard tale includes straight-forward sweet stories that include an academic concept, spiritual idea, or life lesson inviting the adults to share their perspectives and journeys with the children. 

Backyard tales help generations grow together in real relationships by connecting to each other through connecting to creation. What a perfect gift of time.

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